Bed Tent

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This Bed Tent transforms any ordinary twin bed into a magical space to rest or play. Whether it's for the afternoon or happily ever after, it brings out the imagination within your child as they whisk themselves away to a far away fun-filled adventure. The Bed Tent works with any twin-size bed thanks to a clever base skirt that hugs the mattress for a stay-put fit. Assembling the Bed Tent is eash! So easy that "assembly" is too strong of a word to describe it! Simply unfold the collapsible poles and feed them through the built-in guides and voila you're ready for fun! The skirt stretches to fit over existing sheets without getting in the way to create a neat, uniform appearance even if you have a decorative headboard/footboard. Take a look around the Bed Tent's exterior and you'll see inviting, 360-degree artwork that brings an immersive focal point to your child's' bedroom. The entrance features a split panel for ease of getting in and out, while ventilated ports keep guests comfy and aware of their surroundings. It perfectly balances a sense of independence without children or parents feeling isolated from each other.