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Drink Cocktail Book

Drink Cocktail Book

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The Ultimate Cocktail Book!

"There are many great cocktail books, but this is the only cocktail book you'll ever need." -- Clay Risen

Drink is the definitive reference guide for the cocktail renaissance. Inside you'll find something to satify everyone's taste. Drink features:

- Over 1,100 easy-to-follow cocktail recipes that span the wide world of spirits
- A brief history of cocktails
- A comprehensive guide to homemade ingredients, including infusions, shrubs, and simple syrups
- Necessary tools to make great cocktails and an explanation of terms
- A guide to selecting the right spirits and perfectly garnishing your cocktails
- The importance of ice in a cocktail
- Chapters specifically dedicated each type of spirit, along with a chapter for mocktails and non-alchoholic beverages
- Interviews and signature recipes from industry insiders from bars and bartenders from around the world, from New York City to New Orleans, Belfast to Buenos Aires, and beyond.

This tour around the world of cocktails will help you enhance every experience from making a cocktail for yourself or a punch for a party. 

Kurt Maitland started his whiskey journey with drams of Jameson’s in college. He has been exploring the wider world of spirits in general, and whisk(e)y in particular, ever since. He currently is Deputy Editor of the popular Whiskey Reviewer website and the curator of the Manhattan Whiskey Club.

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