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Light-Up Hermit Crab Dive Toy

Light-Up Hermit Crab Dive Toy

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Whether your kids are:

  • Splashing in the tub
  • Wading in the kiddie pool
  • Hanging out in the hot tub
  • Learning how to swim & dive, or...
  • Enjoying a pool party with their friends…

...They’ll Adore this Hermit Crab Pool Toy

Designed for pool, bath & hot tub, this colorful toy lights up when it hits the water. Then it instantly sinks to the bottom, shining brightly all the way.

Even younger kids can easily retrieve it – they simply grab the plastic seaweed sprouting from its crabby little head. Older kids love diving in to fetch it from the pool’s deep end.

As a parent, you’ll love it, too. It’s your perfect tool for teaching diving skills – or just for enjoying quality time with your kids.

Arrives in a cute, sturdy can, ready for instant gifting
Comes with 3 long-lasting batteries, all easy to replace once they finally run down

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