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XL Dock and Bay Quick Dry Single Color Stripe Towel

XL Dock and Bay Quick Dry Single Color Stripe Towel

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Larger than most beach towels at 78”Hx35”W.

This towel is somehow LARGER than most beach towels and when packing in a suit case or bag, it is LESS BULKY/Takes up less space.

Super Absorbent

soft and flat material that only gets more durable and softer as it Ages. These towels are resistant to water, sun, sand, dirt etc! 

The dock and bay dry microfiber material is easy to wash, and very, very Quick to Dry. We’re talking all day, all you need is 1 towel. Quickly dries for multiple uses! 

It Doesn't hold odor or mildew. It’s the ultimate durable beach or pool towel. Perfect for kids, or beach/pool house! 

The microfiber material is Sand Free and resistant!  We don’t know how they do this, but we can verify that it’s true. This towel absorbs water but not sand!

78”x35” these are bigger than most beach towels for reference! 

These come in many colors and 2 sizes. (XL or L)

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