Wake and Wine

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  • INNOVATIVE DECANTING + AGING TECHNOLOGIES: Enhance the aromas and improve the flavors of wine in a convenient, fast and fun way. Decant wine in just minutes, not hours, and make it taste 2-5 times better. Enjoy any wine at its best, as if they were aged for years
  • EASY TO USE TOUCH CONTROL PANEL: Set or adjust decanting time with the push of a button. No need to guess how long you should decant your wine. Simply use the Recommended Decanting Times Guide for optimizing any wine by varietal as well as spirits such as whiskey, scotch, rum, tequila, cognac, brandy, vodka and gin
  • 750 ML PREMIUM, LEAD-FREE GLASS DECANTER: Impress your guests with its sleek design. It’s dishwasher safe and made of recycled glass. It’s a great conversation piece making it a beautiful addition to any kitchen, bar or table. Regulate your pour using measuring marks at 4, 6, and 8 oz
  • FULLY PORTABLE WITH BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Bring the party anywhere. Conveniently take WAKE UP WINE everywhere—indoors and outdoors—without having to connect to a power outlet. The battery is estimated to last up to 8 hours of continuous use from a full charge
  • BLUETOOTH 3D SPEAKERS: Stream music from any connected smartphone or tablet to set the tone of the party with friends and family, or help you relax while enjoying your wine. Dual 2” stereo speakers with dual passive radiators ensure crisp vocals, extended bass response, and 360° omni-directional sound