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Vinglacé Bottle Chiller

Vinglacé Bottle Chiller

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The Vinglacé bottle insulator, made of stainless steel, double walled, and vacuum insulated, to keep your bottles, and sparkling water chilled for hours.  Beautiful gift box included. Can also Personalize if you would like this option please place a not on your order there is an additional fee for personalizing the product.  


Think of Vinglace like a YETI for your bottle.

Drinking at the perfect temperature is such an enjoyable experience. While relaxing in the pool with some friends on a hot summer day in Baton Rouge especially!  

How to use:

Simply unscrew the adjustable top and insert your chilled bottle and then screw the top back on, and enjoy your drink at the perfect temperature for hours. VINGLACÉ is easy to carry, lightweight, and it allows you to enjoy yourself from the first to last pour.

                                                                                       BTW: The Stainless steel is a  Contemporary fingerprint free stainless steel, double walled, and vacuum insulated to keep your bottles and sparkling water chilled for hours. Sleek! Drink in style. 
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