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Gingham Cachepot Candle

Gingham Cachepot Candle

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Grapefruit Peach:

Light this citrus-forward fragrance while entertaining guests. Clean and crisp notes of grapefruit zest shine brightly on top while deeper notes of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice become apparent throughout.

Fragrance Category: Citrus / Clean

Blue Hydrangea:

Walk the path through a dewy spring garden with the delicate, uplifting aromas of blue hydrangea blooms. The clean and crisp bouquet of this classically floral fragrance awakens the senses while relaxing the spirit - beautiful for the sunroom on a Saturday morning or the foyer as guests arrive for dinner in the evening.

Fragrance Category: Floral

Lover's Lane:

Pink blooms of azalea and hyacinth lead you down a nostalgic country road in this romantic fragrance. Base notes of fresh-cut grass and wet stone linger through the open windows as you drive down Lover’s Lane.

Fragrance Category: Floral / Green

Dimensions/Size: 32 oz.

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