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Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Race Track

Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Race Track

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Now your prehistoric jungle outpost is even more extreme! This all new Dinosaur Race Track comes with all of the flexible track pieces and accessories of the original, plus the whole set is revamped with glow-in-the-dark decals for dino fun day and night. The jungle comes to life at night!

Build it, Design it, Light it Up

“Dino’s Race Track Glow in the Dark” comes with a full set of dinosaur-themed stickers that shine in bright neon green, so you can design your own jungle outpost that matches your personality. Glow in the dark kids games bring the action to life. 144 Camouflage color tracks take your rangers and explorers through extreme conditions in this dinosaur race track game, as they try to escape the clutches of these prehistoric monsters.

Let Their Imagination Soar

A prehistoric jungle where dinosaurs stomp the grounds and 4x4s speed along the expansive flexible race track! Dino’s Race Track Glow in the Dark is a dinosaur toy for kids with a passion for dinosaurs and a love for dinosaur games. With 144 flexible easy-snap track pieces, battery powered cars, additional jungle toys, and hundreds of glow in the dark stickers, the possibilities are endless and the imagination runs wild!


Unleash creativity

Encourage building and engineering

Develop problem-solving skills

Exercise fine and gross motor skills

Incorporate social/interpersonal development with group play

The Jungle Comes Alive at Night!

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