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Galactic Fireball Boomerang Drone

Galactic Fireball Boomerang Drone

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Watch the Galactic Fireball arc across the sky… and then back to your hand! The Galactic Fireball Drone Toy provides intelligent flight, allowing you to throw the ball at different angles and speeds to create different flight lines and boomerang patterns! The colorful LED lights in the ball allow it to be easily seen at night.

The unique reverse propeller design gives balance support when the ball toy is flying in any direction.

Made of high-quality PP material, the Galactic Fireball toy’s protective shell is soft but very durable. There’s no need to worry the flying toy will be damaged easily by kids or pets, and it stops automatically when it comes into contact with furniture and walls.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor play for the whole family!

Available in Comet Red, Blue Star, and Chrome.

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