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Wireless Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone

Wireless Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone

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Step up your karaoke nights with our feature packed and stylish microphone designed to enhance your singing experience like never before.

Using Bluetooth connectivity you can play music from your library or streaming platforms. Say goodbye to complicated set ups!

Set the stage aglow with mesmerizing LED color changing lights that dance to the beat of your tunes.

Get creative with the voice changing function. You’ll have a blast altering your voice in real-time.

Built with a long lasting rechargeable battery you can enjoy the freedom of movement and really rock out during your performances.  

With our dazzling, eye catching microphones -You’ll be the star of every party!


-2-in-1 Multifunction Design.
-Dancing LED Lights.
-Voice Changer.
-Echo Function.
-Skip tracks and Back.
-Earphone Jack.
-SD Card slot.
-Mic Vol +/-.
-Rechargeable Battery.
-Charging cord included.

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